Introduction to Molla

In the clip below Molla is introduced. Molla was a youth worker in Yirgaalem who tried to help the children in poverty, his main role in the community as a youth worker was to focus on some of the children and make sure that they are being looked after.┬áThe organisation went to watch some of the children that he looks after as they performed a acrobatic show as they wanted to see some of the people that he had helped. As well as his existing role, Molla then took on the role of ensuring that the sponsored boys that the organisation helped were okay at all times. To do this he visited them regularly and helped them with the organisations sponsorship as they were being sponsored through their education to ensure that they could have the best opportunities possible in their futures. On the visit to the street boys the trustees and people involved gave the children some clothes and spoke to them about their education and improvements, they explained what they’d learnt thanks to their new school places.