"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

The School in Yirgaalem is achieving the best results of any other school in the area.

Through our educational and financial support, we aim to:

Establish educational and vocational links between the Hadlow Group and the Yirgaalem School and Dongora School to the benefit of both organisations and their students, including seeking opportunities to extend and develop the relationship.

Promote the work of Yirgaalem School and Dongora School and raise awareness of the school maximising opportunities to support and secure its future.

Establish the Yirgaalem School and Dongora School as a key international partner of the Hadlow Group and utilise this partnership to promote the social responsibility of Hadlow students to the benefit of the Yirgaalem School and Dongora School.

We want every child in Yirgaalem to receive an education.

"There is no development without education," said Elleni Muluneh, a founder member of the Ethiopian Youth Forum. "The more we educate children, the more we become developed in the long run. Maybe one day we will manage to get every child in the country behind a school desk."

The Children of Yirgaalem Appeal helps to ensure that every child that needs help to achieve their goals and aspiration receive support. Often it is as simple as providing a book or a uniform, other times it is more ongoing. Each and every child has their own story and our project aims to help create opportunities for as many children as possible.

Why this project makes a difference

The East African drought of 2011-2012 - the worst in 60 years - put more than 10 million people in desperate need. Failed rains and rocketing food prices left women and children struggling to survive. Supporting a child in Ethiopia, provides the resources for real, long-term change. Yirgaalem School and Dongora School drastically improves students lives and with help from Hadlow Group the project should begin to make advances that will benefit many people over time.