"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."

Mother Teresa

Make a donation and help a child in Yirgaalem

School attendance became mandatory in 1997 for children aged 7 to 16. Education is not free, and school fees are expensive – not to mention the cost of school supplies and uniforms. Education can be too expensive for many families and as a result of this only 13% of children are enrolled in secondary school. The cost to educate a child for one year is approximately £50 and for many this is a cost that they can’t afford.

The Children of Yirgaalem Appeal is asking for donations of £5, £10, £20 of £50 to go towards the £25,000 that they aim to achieve. The money raised will go towards improving the quality of education in the local area by:

  • Buying school equipment such as computers, classroom furniture such as blackboards, and tables, textbooks and stationery such as exercise books and pens for the children.
  • Building an extra classroom to enable the school to provide an education for 100 more children in the local area.
  • Hiring a new teacher at the school to allow more students to have an education and if there is enough raised for computers, an ICT teacher will be hired to teach children computer skills which will help them in their future life and employment.
  • Buying school uniforms for the students at the school to boost the sense of community held in the school.
  • Help in the next village Dongora, to provide support for another local school.

If you wish to donate via cheque –THE YIRGAALEM APPEAL TRUST, please address it to the Board of Trustees at Tonbridge Rd, Hadlow, Tonbridge TN11 0AL or alternatively check back soon for our JustGiving page.


You can donate now via Crowdfunder. Every penny will help the Children of Yirgaalem.

Thank you