Dirshaye – Public Health Officer

Dirshaye has written in his own words about the help he has received. I have been working in a coastal  area about more than 500 kilometers away from yirgalem where there is no any basic infrastructure including internet service,electric power,mobile phone network and even basic human necessities like adequate food,safe water and shelter. The yirgalem appeal trust has been contributing role of paramount importance since long ago for me in particular and for the people of yirgalem at large.To mention in detail, I have been supported by the organization since 2004 up to now through school and all life-improving aspects.It has anchored a milestone of change on the people’s children in yirgalem one of the beneficiaries of of which is me.I have been helped technically,financially and through supplementation of educational materials by the charity.It has been doing a priceless role on the people’s life at large.And the inhabitants of yirgalem town,the students,the teachers and all the people give a special credit for the charity’s doings.To sum up, I at the moment am a public health officer graduated from jimma university through your support. I still want to maximize my educational level despite my life being extremely challenging at the moment due to the above-mentioned problem.I still have an absolute commitment to advance in education on condition that I get a learning opportunity to make my childhood dream come true. I would like to thank in advance for any possible facilitation by you. Finally on behalf of the students of the yirgalem appeal trust, greatly thank for the charity’s unreserved support since the beginning. May GOD bring you peace and love to all of you.