Buying a Lunch Launched our Project

A visit to a feeding station in Addis Abbaba at the start of this project where a maximum of 600 can get a lunch a day with the cost provided by charity. This sounds very easy but the number of people wanting lunch exceeded 2000. So the first 600 hundred are fed and the rest are turned away to return the next day in the hope they would be fed if they were lucky. Enquiries revealed that these 600 people were fed for the cost of £18. Six of us decided that we could pay for a days food it would only cost £3 each so we proceeded to leave this money to pay for another day. Having lived and grown accustomed to the poverty that had surrounded us during our visit we felt we had been very generous. 24 hours later having boarded a plane and arrived back in London we were driving around the M25 and realised just how mean we had been. Why didn’t we pay for a weeks food or a months food it would have been so much more beneficial. With this in mind the Charity was formed to help these poor people.