Building an education for hundreds of children

In 2005, 7 volunteers from the Appeal went out to Ethiopia to see what they could do to help the local area and the local children. The overwhelming feeling was that the village needed a school that was free.  This would provide 300 students from the local community with the means to complete their education.  The wider advantage of giving them an education could ultimately result in giving them an opportunity  their lives.

After the decision was made the Charity needed to raise money to build the school.  Ideally, they wanted to raise between £50000-£100000.  This resulted in some imaginative ideas for fundraising and the group went on to host balls, quiz nights and a ABBA evening.  Terry Casey (a trustee) invested a lot of money personally to try and help the community.

When the school was built in 2007 it was agreed that the project would employ local builders and tradesmen and that materials would be sourced locally to try and boost the economy in Yiraagalem.

All building supplies were sourced within the village or in neighbouring villages and all equipment for the school such as books and stationery for the children was brought from the local area.